New Music For 2009

Hi all,


I know it’s early but I’m sending out my hot-picks for 2009 (based on the success of my selections last year)


Before you continue i’d like to thank the BBC for their ‘Longlist’ for 2009 which assisted me heavily in my research


White Lies – Similar to The Killers/Editors – I won’t expand as I’m getting a little bored of sound now but they’re still very talented and bound for success


Crystal Antlers – These guys won’t be to everyone’s taste but I really like there EP which has been out since early Nov but I should expect/hope there reputation and success will increase well into 2009 – watch this space


Mumford & Sons – Similar to Noah & The Whale – Limited indie success but still good to listen to


Catherine A.D. – not exactly happy-go-lucky tunes from this lady – Think Nick Cave and not in a good mood Morrissey


Lady GaGa – One of my controversial picks (like Alphabeat last year) – Kinda pop stuff alla Britney/Kylie


Frankmusic – Dance Singer/Producer with a heavy 80’s influence – Potential for mediocre but you never now


Grammatics – I can’t find my list from last year but I’m sure these fella’s were on it (and the only ones without any success). Album release delayed for ‘unknown reasons’ I can only say that the best things take time to come to fruition (as with ‘In Rainbows’ by Radiohead) – Think The Delays vs. Keane


VV Brown – Another weird choice – Kind of alphabeat crossed with Pussycat Dolls/Girls Aloud with doo-wop style – She’ll be a chart smash


It Hugs Back – I really like these guys as they’re kinda a throwback to my younger indie days – Think Pavement/Lemonheads


The Temper Trap – Australian Quartet – Think MGMT vs. Coldplay/Editors – should do well


Master Shortie – Next Dizzie Rascal but more pop friendly – not really my cup of tea but will be popular


Sky Larkin – Sound like a genuine Kate Nash-esque vocally led indie group from Leeds, really likeable


La Roux – Electro-pop-indie – Not a new or amazing sound but quite likeable (if you like this kind of thing)


Florence & The Machine – Easily to most accessible on the list – Kate Nash/Adele/PJ Harvey/Bjork/ Kate Bush-esque


Dan Black – Really funky stuff – Maybe the next Mark Ronson but more leftfield – controversially uses samples and beats instead of guitars (not convinced whether this works yet or not)


Passion Pit – Think MGMT vs. Hot Chip (sorry but I love MGMT so allot of sound-likes in my list) – ‘Sleepyhead’ is a great track


Shield Your Eyes – WOW! – Not for everyone as a bloody minded, full throttle-blues group but really talented – Not for the feint-hearted


Little Boots – Some of you might recognize her name as she was amazing on Later With Jools Holland – Can’t really categorize her but has similar sound to Hot Chip but with Tori Amos style piano and Regina Spektor vocals – If you didn’t see her performance on ‘later…’ you should and watch out for her weird flashing box thingy!


Three Trapped Tigers – one of my favorites on the list – Very melodic yet thumping (I’m so confused)


Kid Cudi – Not my usual style/musical preference but his single ‘Day & Night’ was for some reason quite good listening despite the urban/garage/dance sound which usually annoys the crap out of me (maybe I’m converting to garage?)


Wavves – although they sound like a band they are actually one man ‘Nathan Williams’ – if I was to categorize him I would put him in one of the following: raw garagey/lo-fi/pop-punk (so not easy)


Empire Of The Sun – These guys ROCK! (although not literally) – Again Australian and again just like MGMT including the crazy fancy dress and weird videos (see ‘walking on a dream’) – LOVE THEM


Women – Just don’t Canadian indie bands ROCK? Haunting yet radiant and has a bizarre 60’s feel – So many talented musicians in Canada right now!


The Big Pink – uhmmm – Not sure about there potential for chart success but Klaxons did it and Crystal Castles did reasonably well so maybe my doubts are unfounded – Still watch out for them in 2009 tho


Well that’s it and I’m done for another year


Fingers crossed I’ll get 100% this year as I’m pretty sure ‘Grammatics’ were the only selection to let me down last year


What Others Think:


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4 responses to “New Music For 2009

  1. Hey Ant!

    This is an excellent list! Congrats on the new blog!

    I love Kid Cudi’s day & night too. Hopefully his follow up will be equally massive.


  2. Haven’t listened to them all yet but so far like the Temper Trap and Empire of the Sun. The latter have a sort of Ziggy Stardust thing about them – 80s spaceage craziness! I love the fact that they dress up in silly outfits 🙂 VV Brown seems to be around a lot at the mo – quite a catchy single…

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  4. Hi there!
    Sure will give a go at some of the bands here.
    If you have the time, check my blog. It’s also about alternative music, written in portuguese but with english songs mostly.
    Take care.

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